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A: Well, there are many reasons to buy a route through us. We have many years of extensive hands-on experience in the pool service and financial services industries. We are a licensed Broker and hold a C61 Pool & Spa Maintenance Contractors License so we are more than qualified to answer any questions that you might have about the pool service business. We specialize in selling pool service accounts and we are excellent at what we do.
A: In the pool service industry, the purchase price of the pool route accounts is based on the monthly service billing amount only. A “multiple” times the monthly service billing amount of the accounts will determine the purchase price. This predetermined industry multiple will vary slightly depending on the area of the pool service accounts in the United States.
A: There are several outside financing options available for purchasing a pool service routes.  We have partnered with OrangeFi to provide financing for your pool route purchase.  Most new buyers can also use funds from savings, home equity loans, retirement accounts or friends and family to purchase a pool route.  CLICK HERE to Qualify
A: The seller will provide you with two weeks of hands-on training in service, repairs and preventative maintenance and be available for an additional two weeks to answer any questions that you might have.
A: After the purchase of the pool service accounts is completed, we provide you with our “Pool Business in a Box” startup package FREE. This includes everything you need to become successful in your new business. This comprehensive starter package will include manuals to teach about balancing pool water as well as minor repairs. We include QuickBooks Pro accounting software with our pre-designed pool company templates to make the setup process simple and easy. It will also include proven marketing strategies used by highly successful pool service professionals that can increase revenues by 30%-100% in one year. You can also contact us at any time after the purchase of your route for questions and consulting.

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