Industry Trade Shows

There are many pool industry trade shows throughout the United States every year. These shows are a great way to attend classes and gain knowledge on pool service, repairs and business related topics. Some classes are for people new to the industry, but the majority of the classes are designed for pool professionals with some experience. Along with the classes, there is usually an exhibit area with suppliers, manufacturers, associations, publications, etc. The exhibitors display/present the latest products, industry changes and other useful information for the pool professional.

Manufactures Training Seminars

Manufacturers training classes are offered at many different times throughout the year. Most of the classes are during the winter months because it’s the slow season for pool service professionals. These classes offer great information on working with current products as well as new products that are coming to the market. It is highly recommended that you attend these seminars if you are new to the pool industry. The manufacturers are very helpful when you have questions about their products. It is in their best interest to help you because they want you to buy and use their products. Some manufacturers will even meet you out at a job site to assist you with their product.

Anyone can clean a swimming pool but not everyone can succeed in business!

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