Why Use A Pool Route Broker

SpringBoard Pool Route Brokers work closely with the buyer and seller to offer guidance and education at every step in the process. We provide the buyer with all of the information that they will need to understand the pool service business and to make a sound decision. SpringBoard PRB is a neutral third party and we are here to assist both the buyer and the seller. We act as an intermediary in determining the details of the contract between both parties. We handle every aspect of the escrow process to make this a simple and easy exchange.
When a pool route is purchased through SpringBoard PRB, we guarantee that the seller will provide at least two weeks of hands on training and an additional consultation period. The pool service accounts that the buyer purchases are guaranteed to transfer during a transition period (usually 90 days). If any accounts are lost during the transition period, the buyer will be refunded the purchase price of that particular account. The seller will also sign a covenant not to complete for a period of five years. After the purchase is completed, we offer free consulting to the buyer to help assure their success and maximize profits.
We have over 30 years combined experience in the pool service industry. We have held a C61 Pool & Spa Maintenance Contractors License so we are more than qualified to answer any questions that you might have about the pool service business. We specialize in selling pool service accounts and we continuously take the pulse of the industry to keep up on any changes. Please allow our experience to be your tool in purchasing a pool service route.

Anyone can clean a swimming pool but not everyone can succeed in business!

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