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A: In the beginning, SpringBoard Pool Route Brokers will educate you on the process of selling your pool route accounts and have you complete a seller questionnaire to determine the selling price. We will advertise your pool route accounts with a combination of internet marketing as well as national and local print media marketing campaign. We contact and qualify every potential buyer. We verify that the buyer has the funds and the desire to purchase. We only work with Cash Buyers.
A: Typical pool route with a tight route radius should sell in approximately one to three months. This time frame to sell your route will vary depending on your area and the size of the route you are selling.
A: Yes. Confidentiality is our priority. Your name and contact information are not known until you disclose it to the qualified buyer that we provide to you.
A: Anytime is a good time to sell your pool route. You just need to make sure that you can dedicate the appropriate amount of time for training the new buyer.
A: You will provide the buyer with two weeks of hands-on training in service, repairs and preventative maintenance and be available for an additional two weeks to answer any questions that the buyer might have.

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